A Few Notes...

The minimum fee for most projects is $65.

The minimum charge for original calligraphy artwork is $125.

The prices for envelope addressing, place cards, and escort cards assume that the client is supplying the paper or other materials.

All pricing is subject to sales tax for Texas residents.

Rush fess will apply for jobs requiring less than 5 business days turnaround (from the time we receive the items and final guest lists to completion date).


Hand Calligraphy - Envelopes, Place Cards, Escort Cards

Outer & inner envelope set

$5.00 for up to 4 lines

Outer envelope only

$4.50 for up to 3 lines

Additional Lines

Opaque Envelopes

$0.50 each

$0.50 per address

Place card with name only

$1.75 each

Place card with menu selection

$2.00 each

Escort card

$2.25 each

Ink color other than black

$20.00 flat fee per color

Please provide 15-20% additional stock over the number required. For orders of less than 100 items, please provide 15 extra.


Hand Calligraphy - Design

Invitation design

$275.00 and up

Return address

$45.00 and up

Response card/envelope

$100.00 and up

Reception card

$65.00 and up

Couple's names only

$150.00 and up

Spot calligraphy

Request a quote

Custom calligraphy projects

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PenDance Studio maintains the copyright to all hand calligraphy artwork.


Computer Calligraphy (Digital Printing)

Outer & inner envelope set

$2.00 each

Outer envelope

$1.75 each

Return address back flap

$0.50 each

Tent card (two sides)

$1.50 each

Tent card (two sides)

$1.50 each

Items not listed

Request a quote

Hand Engraving

Wine bottles, liquor bottles, toasting flutes, wine glasses, cake serving sets, etc.

Request Quote.

Job Delivery

Jobs can be dropped off and picked up at our home studio by appointment using our online calendar. Please ensure that we have confirmed availability or job completion before scheduling an appointment.

We offer free delivery for jobs over $500 to clients within 15 miles of our studio, if payment is made via VENMO or QuickBooks Bank Transfer before delivery.

For jobs less than $500 and/or longer distances, please request a quote for delivery. The delivery fee will depend on the distance and time of day.


  • Payment in full is required before items are released or shipped to the client.
  • We appreciate payment by cash, QuickBooks bank transfer, and VENMO, but also accept checks and credit cards.
  • Payment in full is required prior to our starting any custom designs such as invitation design, spot calligraphy, original artwork, or where we supply the paper or items for the client's job.
  • All delivery, shipping and courier fees are the responsibility of the client.
  • After an order is delivered, we charge a $15 set up fee plus the cost per item, each time we need to add additional items to the order.

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