Wedding Calligraphy Calendar

Hand calligraphy can add an expressive, personal touch to your wedding. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of hiring and working with a calligrapher! However, it will take a little planning on your wedding calendar to ensure everything is ordered on schedule.

PenDance’s goal is to provide you with professional, personalized, stress-free service that adds elegant. tasteful touches to your wedding. We strive to be the part of your wedding planning that is the least stressful!

Below are some ideas for how you can incorporate fine hand lettering into your special day:

  • Save-the-Date design
  • Save-the-Date envelopes
  • Monograms – for save-the-date, invitation, wedding program, napkins, favors, etc.
  • Invitation – design
  • Invitation – envelope addressing
  • Response card fill-in
  • Bridal book fill-in
  • Marriage certificate fill-in
  • Engraved wine bottles to welcome guests
  • Engraved bridal party gifts
  • Wedding program
  • Place cards / escort cards
  • Buffet cards
  • Favors
  • Menu design
  • Wedding announcement envelopes
  • Engraved toasting glasses
  • Engraved cake serving set
  • Announcements – envelope addressing
  • Thank you notes – envelope addressing

6+ Months Prior to the Wedding

  • Book your calligrapher for invitation design, envelope addressing, response card addressing, and place card or escort card fill-ins, if desired. Most calligraphers will require a nonrefundable deposit to ensure your spot on their calendar.Envelope addressing can include save-the-dates, wedding invitations, party invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, thank-you note envelopes
  • Find a stationer or printer, and review their invitation designs and options.
  • Order Save-the-Date cards and envelope addressing. Your calligrapher can write your names in calligraphy to include with your typeset design, or you can have all the text designed in hand-lettering. Have the envelopes addressed in either hand or computer calligraphy.


4+ Months Prior to the Wedding

  • Order your invitation design from your calligrapher if you wish to have all or parts of the invitation designed in hand lettering. (If your calligrapher is also addressing the envelopes, he/she can use the same style to address your envelopes.)
  • The bride can have her monogram designed to use on thank you notes prior to the wedding
  • Your calligrapher can design a  “duogram” of your first name initials to use on the invitation and wedding program, or have your first names written out to create a beautiful name design.
  • A duogram of the your married initials can be designed for use on reception napkins, favors, linens, etc.
  • Wedding program design – you may wish to have the names of the bride and groom designed in hand calligraphy for the front cover, and the various headings in the program written in a matching style
  • Wedding invitation addressing – have the envelopes completed 9 weeks prior to the wedding date, allowing one week for stuffing, stamping, and mailing. Count back 1 week per 100 invitations to be sure the calligrapher has enough time to complete them. Mail the invitations 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date.
  • If you are using announcements, the calligrapher can address those as well.
  • Order napkins and favors from your stationer or online. If you have a name design, monogram or duogram designed, use these on your printed items for the reception.


2+ Months Prior to the Wedding

  • Have your toasting glasses and cake serving set engraved for your reception.
  • Personalize toasting glasses for the rehearsal dinner with your family’s, bridal party’s, and house party’s names.
  • Engrave wine bottles to commemorate the occasion and to welcome out-of-town guests
  • Engrave your bridal party and hostess gifts.
  • Purchase your place cards and escort cards.
  • Have your calligrapher design your dinner menu. TIP: You can have your guests’ names written on the menus to use as place cards instead of buying separate ones.

2016tablesignguestbook22 Weeks Prior to the Wedding

  • Finalize your guest list for those attending the wedding.
  • Have your place cards and escort cards filled in and returned 3-5 days before the wedding, or sooner if you are traveling out of town.
  • If you are having a buffet, have your calligrapher write or print buffet cards to identify the various entrees, side dishes, and condiments being served.
  • Have your calligrapher create table signs for your dinner tables including reserved signs for family, and any photography displays you may have at the reception.
  • A “Best Wishes” card can be hand-lettered or printed to invite your guests to leave fun notes for your and your spouse to read when you return from the honeymoon.
  • Have your bridal book filled in by your calligrapher.
  • If you ordered a printed marriage certificate, your calligrapher can fill in the details in lettering to compliment the design.
  • Make thank you note writing easier by having your envelopes pre-addressed in computer calligraphy using the list of guests who are planning to attend. Your envelopes will be ready to go when you return from your honeymoon!

After the Wedding

  • Mail your wedding announcements.
  • Write and mail your thank you notes.

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