Address Formatting

How to provide your guest lists to PenDance

Please provide the addresses to us in spreadsheet format, with all street and state abbreviations spelled out.

We'll convert your list into label format for you to review

  1. You will be able to catch errors or omissions more easily when you see it in label format.
  2. It's easier for the calligrapher to visualize how the addresses should be formatted on the envelopes.
  3. Proofreading is more efficient when the addresses appear exactly the same on the list as on the envelopes.


Download our Excel template

If you would like to use PenDance's Excel template to prepare your address list, click 2021PenDanceAddressTemplate. We'll reformat the addresses into label format for you and email you the list for approval before we begin addressing.

  • Alphabetize the list by last name and number each address.
  • If you prefer that your out-of-town guests' envelopes be addressed first, sort them to the top of the list.
  • If you need to add additional names or make changes to your list after sending us the original list, please email or fax us ONLY the changes, NOT the entire list over again. We'll mark the changes on the original list.
  • Plan to provide 10% more envelopes than the number of addresses, or 15% more if you are using metallic-coated paper.
  • Include your name, phone number, fax number, email address, and the selected calligraphy style in the email you attached the address list to.


Formatting Your Addresses

  • All text should be in uppercase and lowercase letters, including the names of countries. Please don't use all CAPS.
  • "Number" or "Apartment" should appear on a separate line from the street address.
    : If you prefer the apartment number to appear on the same line as the street address, Maureen will use a small bullet to replace "Number" or "Apartment".
  • Include titles such as Mr. and Mrs. with the appropriate punctuation. Miss does not have a period after it.
  • Please provide the list in alphabetical order by last name, and/or number the addresses, for easy reference.
  • All postal and state abbreviations must be spelled out (Post Office Box, Boulevard, Avenue, Lane, etc.).
  • Zip codes need to only be 5-digits. The extra 4 digits are for bulk mailing purposes, which wouldn't apply to wedding envelopes.
  • Married couples with different last names are noted with "and" between their names (See address #2 above) and their names appear on separate lines. Unmarried couples' names are not joined with "and" and their names appear on separate lines as well.
  • If the wife is a doctor, the names will go on separate lines:Doctor Jane Smith
    and Mr. John SmithInner envelope: Doctor Smith and Mr. Smith
  • Inner envelope names should be included in separate columns on your spreadsheet if you are using inner envelopes.
  • For inner envelopes, indicate whether or not the "G" in "Guest" should be capitalized (or not).
  • For inner envelopes, indicate whether or not the "F" in "Family" should be capitalized.
  • Specify if "Dr." should be spelled out "Doctor" or abbreviated. "Doctor" can be used for medical doctors.


Label Format

If you prefer to prepare your list in label format yourself, the addresses should appear EXACTLY as you want them to appear on each envelope.

Please number them as well. Each page can have more than one column if you prefer.

Doctor and Mrs. Edward Jones
123 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77024

Doctor and Mrs. Jones
Kimberly and Joshua