Calligraphy & Handwriting Classes

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Brush lettering for Beginners


When: Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 10am-12pm

Where: Berings on Westheimer in Houston, Texas

What: Join us for a fun, relaxing art experience as we explore the foundational skills of brush lettering. You’ll learn how to hold your brush marker to achieve the best results, then work step-by-step through a script alphabet that’s perfect for any brush lettering project.

Includes: Supplies, detailed handouts, coffee, and light snacks.

What a great experience.

Maureen’s class was exactly what I was looking for and she made it so much fun. She’s a terrific teacher, provided lots of worksheets, supplies and practice time, as well as individual help. Can’t wait to start putting all her tips and techniques into action! – Judy Schuler

Brush Lettering Class - Berings on Westheimer

Maureen is an excellent instructor.

Fun and thorough! I was ready to practice as soon as I arrived home! – Roxane Minard

Brush lettering class - Houston, TX
Modern Calligraphy for Beginners – Memorial West Community Club

I enjoyed the class very much.

Maureen showed that she really cared about her students learning…She exhibited a quiet, humble confidence and sweet sincerity. She was very prepared and well organized. – Susan Little

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Calligraphy Crush Magazine

Maureen is now publishing a digital magazine for calligraphers and hand lettering artists called Calligraphy Crush MagazineEach magazine issue features tutorials, product reviews, behind-the-scene process articles, artist interviews, calligraphy business tips, reader gallery, and more! Available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Modern Calligraphy For Beginners

Maureen and Screen

You see it everywhere -- on wedding invitations, hand-addressed envelopes, art prints, chalkboards, signage in your favorite craft store, and more.

If you would like to learn how to write in this creative, whimsical style, then join Maureen Vickery, a professional calligrapher and hand lettering artist, as she teaches the basics of MODERN CALLIGRAPHY using pointed pen. No calligraphy experience is necessary to attend!

During this class you will learn:

the characteristics of modern script

proper techniques for using your tools and supplies

detailed steps on how to write each letter

how to change elements of your writing to create new styles

how to practice (after class is over) to achieve the results you want

Supplies (included with the class):

1 pen holder

2 pointed pen nibs

small jar of black ink

Borden & Riley Marker Paper, 9"x12"

modern script alphabet exemplars (shows how each letter is formed)

guideline sheets for practice

resource list for further study

practice tips

After the workshop is over, you won't be left on your own! Students can email Maureen to ask questions about modern calligraphy and to receive one free critique (after practicing a few weeks first!).

Italic Handwriting


Penmanship does not have to be a lost art!

Join Maureen Vickery, a professional calligrapher, co-host of the #RockYourHandwriting group on Facebook, and publisher of Calligraphy Crush Magazine, as she teaches you how to refine your handwriting style to be artistic, legible, and beautiful!

By the end of class you will understand the "rules" of attractive, legible handwriting and have a practice plan for achieving significant improvement in only 30 days.

You will also learn how to modify your handwriting style to suit any occasion - thank you notes, place cards for your next holiday dinner, jotting ideas in your journal, etc.

During this class you will learn:

how letters are formed for optimal writing speed and legibility

proper writing ergonomics

the rules of attractive, legible handwriting

how to change elements of your handwriting to create new styles

how to practice to achieve the results you want

Supplies (included with the class):

A gel pen and ballpoint pen

Guideline sheets

Italic handwriting exemplars (shows you how to form each letter)

30-day practice plan

Penmanship Practice

We’ll use the Italic alphabet as the foundation for practicing proper penmanship. This alphabet has been around since the Renaissance, and it’s incredibly versatile. It looks beautiful either printed (unjoined letters) or cursive (joined letters).

You’ll receive a packet of practice worksheets as well as a resource list and tips for further study. All supplies will be provided. However, if you have a favorite fountain pen or gel pen that you’d like to use during class, feel free to bring it!

A bonus for taking this class is that you will learn fundamental calligraphic principles that will give you lots of “hooks to hang things on” should you decide to branch out and take calligraphy classes later on!

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If you would like to be notified about future workshops and online classes, please fill out the form below to be added to our email list!